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Catering & Banqueting


The Cipolla d’Oro is specialized in the organization of banquets and ceremonies, respecting the style and the culture of our region and distinguishing itself for its originality of the proposed dishes and for the care of the decorations. They already transform the suggestive atmosphere of the Granary.

Our objective is to create every unique occasion in its style, giving from time to time a different light to the ceremony that, following the natural cycle of the seasonal colors, purchases an unique aspect. The newlyweds will remember their wedding day dipped to a surreal atmosphere. The experience accumulated by the staff of the Cipolla d’Oro is its strength today. The dialog with the client becomes the most important thing for the chef Emanuele Properzi. Throught such relation with customers Menù and the decorations are created for the Party.

In our big garden there is a pool, sorrounded by fruit and olive trees. The dehor of the pool can be used for wedding, cerimonies and private dinner. If you reserve it before we can fix it like in your dream. It can be a perfect frame from cocktails to lunch, from first meal to the dessert. The pool can not be used by our customers for their relaxation in water.

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La Cipolla d'Oro

Contrada San Girio, 33
62018 Potenza Picena (MC)
P.IVA 01642120438
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TELEFONO: +39 0733 676424
CELLULARE: +39 338 9065419
FAX: +39 0733 671821

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